A green Circular Building is possible. A greener planet is a must!

Linnéuniversitetet leder ett forskningsprojekt om cirkulärt byggande, CTB där 15 offentliga och privata partners från sex länder i Nordsjöregionen samlas för att demonstrera förutsättningarna för omställningen i sju olika pilotprojekt. Projektet finansieras av EU Interreg North Sea och Region Kronoberg.

Idag samlades man inom projektet för att gå igenom lärdomar och utbyta erfarenheter på en konferens, där jag hade förmånen att invigningstala, tillsammans med kommunstyrelsens ordförande i Växjö, Malin Lauber.

En omställning till en cirkulär affärsmodell i byggbranschen är nödvändig och möjlig, men det måste göras i samverkan, och det var mitt budskap i anförandet.

Mer om projektet kan du läsa här: https://lnu.se/en/research/research-projects/project-circular-trust-building–ctb/

Och här nedan hittar du talet som jag höll.

CTB Partner meeting 2024, Växjö Kronoberg

My name is Rene Jaramillo, I am the Chairman of the regional development board in the Kronoberg region and I want to say with great pleasure, a warm welcome to you to Växjö and Kronoberg.

In our region, in our municipalities, working with sustainability is somewhat self-evident. Here, we are constantly working on how we can be better, how we can be more efficient while at the same time strengthening economic growth. For us, it is obvious that economic growth can, and must go, hand in hand with the climate issue.

In our region we are leaders in many areas, some examples; mechanical engineering industry, wood, forestry, design and IT services. When it comes to the green transition our companies play a role in the global economy.

The forest is a fundamental part of our region. For us, the forest equals innovation and growth. The green colour that you can see everywhere in our region equals hope, hope that we can build a better future, not only for the new generations, but for ourselves. We are part of the future.

I used to be chairman of a municipal housing company and I was able to see and lead the work with sustainability in the area of ​​energy efficiency, smart construction and how we can use data to work with renovations of old buildings.

I also tried to work actively with the circular economy. In connection with the company demolishing an old building, we sold everything that could be sold for recycling – even the toilet seats. But when we talk about the circular economy, we come to the most difficult thing in the construction industry… The business models. How can we monetize this? Of course, it must be beneficial to build.

It is no news that we often talk in society about the transport sector as responsible for a large part of carbon dioxide emissions. But what we forget to point out is that the construction sector is also a large part of this. There are of course many challenges here. One is that we must increase knowledge and information within the construction industry, so that everyone involved can act correctly. There are many players who are innovative and want to find new ways. We must understand – going from the linear model to the circular one is possible.

Why should we try to find new materials and resources for our projects when a large part of these can be found in the old buildings? There is great potential here. Considering all the waste generated; the construction industry can influence the industry in an important way. The circular economy can through its three basic principles; reduce, reuse and recycle materials and resources produced in society, extend the life of our resources. This way the construction industry can become more efficient and sustainable.

My friends. We are lucky to be able to meet, exchange ideas, knowledge and have the opportunity to obtain financial resources to be able to work on the issue of circularity, an important issue for society and for the planet.

But we cannot forget that today there is a struggle, where democracy, freedom, peace and the future are at stake. A European union based on important principles guarantees a secure future for the new generations.

Collaboration and cooperation are not only words, it is also a way of working, which can be easy or sometimes difficult.   For me, cooperation and collaboration are the only way that I know can help us build a successful, strong and better future for everyone. Here in Sweden, in Europe and in the world.

Cooperation and collaboration, that’s why we are here today!

My fellow partners!

Welcome to Kronoberg. A green Circular Building is possible. A greener planet is a must!

Thank you very much!

Rene Jaramillo (M)